Co-founder of Foxwell Digital and collaboration with over 250 businesses! Over $10 million spent on Facebook and Instagram ads! Blogger at Jon Loomer, podcast host known from The New York Times and TechCrunch! And now on our podcast: Andrew Foxwell!

We proudly present our first podcast episode in english with the US-expert: Andrew gives insights into Facebook ads scaling, optimization rules and how humility helps managing campaigns.

Not only that: In May you can see Andrew Foxwell live and up close in Cologne at ADS CAMP!

On 14.05.2018 he will be on stage as a speaker and will give hacks to scale the Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Therefore we raffle an absolute once in a lifetime chance among all podcast listeners: Win a 1 on 1 with Andrew Foxwell and get your tips directly from the pro! What you have to do: Listen to the podcast until the end 😉

This is Foxwell Digital

(00:03:48 Min.)

Whoever needs an introduction to Foxwell Digital first gets a detailed overview from Andrew. He runs the company with his wife Gracie and focuses on managing advertising, coaching and consulting.

The company works with a network of different agencies, which he connects and all can grow together.

In cooperation with Jon Loomer he gives coaching classes and advanced training.

Andrew started with the business before even publishing the newsfeed.


Average monthly amount

(00:05:40 Min.)

The average monthly amount Andrews customers spend is difficult to determine. Some customers spend between $30,000-35,000 per month, others spend between $200,000-300,000 per month.

Expenses depend on various factors, making it difficult to make a statement. It’s also difficult to say because Andrew works with agencies at different interfaces.


Midwestern Work Ethic

(00:07:14 Min.)

One of Fowell Digital’s goals is not only to make fast sales with its customers, but also to support them in the long term and see them grow. For Andrew, that’s what the Midwestern Work Ethic is all about. Every morning he asks himself: „What’s new? What can we do differently today?


Scaling Deep Dive

(00:11:10 Min.)

Scaling an account is something that many people have trouble with. It is a challenge to understand all interfaces and to use them optimally.

Before you start to scale, it is important to define the ground rules, i.e. the most important metrics. What do you want to do? Which numbers are to hit? And how do you want to get there? For example: What is the CTR? What is the CPC?

You have to answer the question: What are the foundational aspects of how I’m going to tell people about what we are trying to sell?

And then there is the difference between horizontal and vertical scaling.

Vertical scaling is the increase of ads budget, whereas horizontal scaling affects the whole funnel.


What numbers are you looking at at the Upper Funnel?

(from 00:16:55 Min.)

Is the Link Click Through Rate over a Percent? However, this figure is only for the US, Andrew stresses. Is the Cost per Link Click under 1 Dollar? And the relevance score also plays an important role, because Facebook explains whether people like the ad.

You also have to see prospecting as a bundle. This also applies to creating Lookalike Audiences based on Purchases, Page Views, etc. You always have to be aware that the people who really buy something are not the people who were just on the website.


Campaign Budget Optimization – how do you think about the feature?

(00:20:08 Min.)

In the beginning Andrew didn’t find it really good because it distributed in the wrong way. In October / November this changed and Andrew became a big fan.

With this form of advertising you have to be careful not to test too many different audiences in one campaign.


The Number One Thing on Facebook and Instagram Advertising

(00:23:21 Min.)

The Number One Thing when it comes to Performance Marketing is have to except the fact that you know nothing.

You have a Baseline of understanding, but things changing all the time. The channel consists of testing and learning – and that is really important. Just because it works for one customer doesn’t mean it works for all.


Account Audit Optimization Tips

(00:24:28 Min.)

Reporting, Creative, Audiences, Budget, Bidding and Placement! This is where all the optimizations sit.

You have to ask yourself questions about every step here: Do I use different audiences and which ones haven’t I tested yet? Do I use different placements and which ones work best? So it goes on with all points.

But the most important of all is Creative. Most people think that audiences are important. But, you just have to test a lot of Creatives, which of course is a lot of work. But in the end, the creative is what you present to the customer.


Differences between different countries

(00:29:25 Min.)

If you want to advertise in different countries, you have to be aware that the audience sizes are always different and people react differently.

For example, more people live in the USA than in Switzerland and both inhabitants react differently to advertisements.

Only those who have made it in Germany with an ad do not have to make it in the USA – but those who have made it in the USA have a great chance of making it everywhere.


Andrew Foxwell on Stage at Ads Camp

(00:34:07 Min.)

Andrew will be on stage at the Ads Camp on 14 May and will give the keynote speech on „Scaling“.

The keynote will focus on the question of how to optimally scale and thus sustainably build up your business.


You want more information about Andrew? Here we go:

Twitter: Andrew Foxwell